Shaun Hammond

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! Hi, my name is Shaun. I am a graphic designer based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, who produces clean, elegant and creative outcomes. I am particularly passionate about branding, advertising and social media design as I feel that, design is all about communication and brand identity. Contact 07887 494099 Brief: Creative Communication

 | Client: Grey Advertising … Read More

Sam Berwick

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! I am capable of using software like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to a high standard and if needed can use other mediums such as Photography. Developing a robust set of skills on these platforms has allowed me to create strong outcomes that have answered challenging briefs. My specialty is creating unique concepts that use technology … Read More

Ryan Richardson

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! Hi I’m a graduating design student specialising in branding, illustration, photography, advertising and editorial design. I’ve been described as curious, punctual and always looking for a new challenge. I’m a visual learner that enjoys making a difference and to tell a story with an engaging image or piece of writing, using in-depth knowledge to find … Read More

Natasha Gregory

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! Contact Natasha Gregory is a graphic design student who is fond of illustration, photography and abstract creations. Enjoying a variety of aspects within design from print to digital media and branding, she is open to new experiences to learn and enhance her skills to produce high-quality work. 07495 268664 Brief: Typographically led communication … Read More

Matthew Porter

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! Hi I’m Matthew Porter a graphic designer adept in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I have experience working alone and as part of a team as well as with presenting ideas and outcomes to clients. I can also develop work in detail over a long period of time as well as completing quick turnaround projects. I … Read More

Harry Osmond

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! I’m Harry Osmond and I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, getting to grips with practices such as branding, print, illustration and photography. I’ve improved my skills during my studies and come to love what I do, striving to create engaging work that is not only concept driven but functional too. Contact 07943592315 … Read More

Hannah Underwood

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! In my final year of studies I have been freelancing independently, using the valuable skills I have developed to work directly with various clients across multiple disciplines. Here I found my love for branding and creating solutions for small businesses that often exceeds their expectations. Whilst branding is my favoured discipline, I have also delved … Read More

Georgia Murray

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! My name is Georgia Murray and I am a soon-to-be Graphic Communications graduate. I have a passion for branding and print design and am always seeking to learn new skills and experiment within design. I am passionate about creating considered and meaningful design solutions that effectively communicate messages to audiences. My design skills have vastly … Read More

Emma Marriott

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! Hello I’m Emma! I‘ve been working and learning in the creative industry for the last 5 years. I love all things creative and enjoy branding and editorial design. I have a passion for illustration and animation and I’m always learning and developing skills on personal projects. I’m hardworking, ambitious and looking for an opportunity to … Read More

Alina Sazonova

SouthBank Arts Blog Hello world! Hi I’m Alina Sazonova, a graphic design student, currently finishing a BA degree and looking forward to working in the design industry. I enjoy a creative challenge, problem-solving, and continuously looking to develop new skills. I have recently begun exploring motion graphics which I have become very passionate about and am keen to explore further. … Read More