HNC/D Animation

Lewis Bisby

I have a love for drawing and learning new information to develop my skills. At the end of this course, I aspire to work as a potential concept artist for character design or environments. Additionally, I’ve discovered during this course, that I have a talent for 3D character animation that I also enjoy producing.

Leon Kirk


I’m Leon Kirk an aspiring concept artist residing in Bedfordshire, England. I am a 20 year old illustrator with 7+ years of experience in illustration. While I have been drawing for most of my teenage years I have only recently found my style, and take studies in anatomy and colour theory. I take an interest in concept art and character design, ideally working in either role within the game design or animation industry. I also work freelance creating illustration work for clients.

Creating art and sharing it with brings me joy and I love being able to visualise my ideas onto paper. My work is greatly inspired by artists such as Satoru Takizawa, Isao Ohishi and Takato Yamamoto as well as including companies like Studio Ghibli and Studio Trigger. Fashion styles like techwear fashion (Machine56), motocross fashion and general cyberpunk like fashion. With my experience and inspiration, I one day hope to be able to independently publish my own titles as graphic novels or even short animations.

Emily Botta

I enjoy and focus drawing and emphasising the female figure in my work. I also enjoy making my work quite expressive and find a colour palette that suits the theme of my work. 

My influences stem from classic cartoons and other forms of animation such as anime. Pencil is my favourite medium to use, however I think the introduction of digital painting software has opened a lot of doors for me and allowed for lots of experimentation.



Kayleigh Moore

What motivates me the most to create the work I do is the thought of other people enjoying and being inspired by the weird things that come from my mind. I value creativity and aesthetics the most in art, enjoying things that are visually interesting and bring something new to the table (while also having a hidden, deeper meaning too)

In the near future I'd like to achieve self publishing my own independent creative works - such as a graphic novel or video game. But in the distant future, I aim to be hired for my character design and illustration skills, either working at a studio or freelancing."

Jai Thomas-McCarney

This exhibition is showcasing my love of and interest in Gaming, Animation and Concept Art/Character Creation and how I would like to take these skills I am honing and make it into a career.

Throughout my time at Bedford College, I have had the opportunity to try my hand at an area of interest that I have not explored, which is 3D modelling. I have enjoyed experimenting in 3D and I am adding it to the creative talents that I would like to continue to develop.

Some of my inspirations are RIKA (@bwusagi), Gosho Aoyama, Testuya Nomura, Akihiko Yoshida and WOOMA (@tomapocpo) to name a few.


Twitter - @J_Banjaxed
Instagram - @j_banjaxed_

Max Harper


My first year studying animation has been so much fun, I love having so much creative freedom in what I do and trying new things. I believe my main strength is digital illustration, but I'm currently working on my skills to become a 2D animator. Some of my biggest inspirations include Louie Zong, Jack Stauber and Akira Himekawa

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