HNC/D Photography

Tori Wells

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember but I got into it more when I started college. I am more creative than academic so photography has always been a good outlet to let my creativity out. I enjoy taking Portraits the most out of the different genres, I like working with people and going and taking pictures at different locations. I love exploring new places and getting to take pictures along the way. 

I also really like landscape photography, especially sunsets. I am aware this sounds cliche but to me I find it really peaceful to be able to go out into nature with my camera and just sit and take pictures, without any interruptions. 

Lauren Sanders-Love

I love how Photography allows me to control all the different elements within a composition, I also love the way it enables me to manipulate light by positioning the lights to create moody lighting with unsettling shadows.  Currently I am exploring different genres of Photography to discover what I want to do; I have really enjoyed the fine art projects with they are more open to different creative approaches.  However, I am very interested in history and the recording of historical objects which has drawn me towards museum and gallery work, specifically in curation and photographing collections.  I have explored my interest by volunteering at the Higgins and taking photographs of their collection, though I intend to approach the Higgins and ask if I could photograph the objects outside of their cases.

Laura Matton

I first found my love for photography roughly around 7 years ago after meeting an award winning photographer, James Waller of Lightroom Photography and film studio. James and I went out with my camera, to gain hands on experience. James taught me about many aspects including exposure, aperture and composition. It was then I realised  this is what I wanted to do for a living, so I then started practicing with friends and family in numerous settings. I was then fortunate to have some opportunities to photograph friends weddings and music  events, wanting to further my knowledge I enrolled at Bedford College on a HNC Photography course. 

I throughly enjoyed this and learnt so much, which in turn has improved my experience confidence and ability. My goal is to own my own studio specializing in contemporary and portrait photography. While also gaining more experience in wedding photography. 

Barbora Dzurkova

I enjoy creating portraits, pack-shots and narratives. I have put a lot of my time in developing my photography skills and creating photographs that tell a story. Narrative is a theme and technique that I’m extremely passionate about, as I want to tell a story to people and make them think about what might be going on in the photograph. The theme ‘Gothic’ is also something that I love including into my narrative photographs, as I like the dark theme that it symbolises. 

After the course course, I want to become a Fine Art photographer that focuses on dark themes.

Leonardo Moss

Lewis Munslow

I am a photographer who aims to leave people questioning what they are seeing when they look at my work. Negative or positive, my work is an expression of myself in the form of a photo or photo(s).

Forming imagery that stems from my own thoughts and emotions to imagery that I simply create because I find the subject matter to be appealing to me.

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