Bethany Riddell-Whitlock

Hello! I’m Beth, I have been studying graphic design for just over 5 years. I have also been working as freelance designer during the last 12 months helping small local businesses with fresh new creative ideas. I am passionate about branding and illustration and I'm always looking for ways to push my skills in these areas further. I am hardworking, bubbly and good with clients and I’m now looking for an opportunity to take my creative skills even further.



Brief: Creative Communication

Client: Studio Koto
Media: Branding, digital and print

Outcome: Brand identity, app design and advertising

Concept: Response to a brief to create a brand that encourages young people to exercise more. The concept uses an app which tracks users movements as they interact with hidden QR codes located in areas only accessible by physical exertion. These can be located ‘somewhere’ in high-rise blocks or in the middle of playing fields rewarding ‘players’ for their efforts with offers and discounts on their favourite clothing brands.

Image Image

Brief: Book cover design | Client: Penguin Media | Media: Print |
Outcome: Book cover design

Concept: Response to a brief to create a book jacket design for A Short History Of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. The concept uses an ethereal extended hand to represent a ‘super-being’ to suggest that all you would ever want to know about the universe or anything else is at hand.


Brief: Creative Communication

Client: Childline

Media: Branding, digital, printed media & merchandising
Outcome: Brand identity, app, electronic wristband and t-shirts

Designers: Bethany Riddell-Whitlock & Hannah Underwood 
Concept: ‘Spot’ is the result for a campaign for Childline that encourages young children to deal with upsetting online encounters using an app that connects their on-line and off-line worlds in a fun and engaging way.


Brief: Final Major Project
Client: N/A | Media: Branding, print and digital media
Outcome: Brand identity, clothing, website design, shop signage

Concept: ‘Blank’ is a unique gender-neutral clothing label that challenges ‘norms’ of society and offers inclusive alternatives suitable for anyone who wants to look and feel stylish and comfortable in everything they wear.


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