Chaliq Muirhead-Rowe

Definition: Chaliq, noun. Pronounced "Shelique." Just like her name is unique so is her creative work.
Synonyms: original, ambitious, innovative thinker

Recently, Chaliq Muirhead-Rowe has achieved a Bachelors, Honours degree in graphic communication. She has explored a range of graphic design sectors such as branding, editorial, illustration and advertising. Chaliq is strongly passionate about pursuing a career in branding, illustration and editorial design.



Brief: Encourage children to speak out about upsetting encounters online
Client: Grey Advertising & Childline
Media: Branding, digital media
Outcome: Brand identity, app and product design
Designers: Chaliq Muirhead-Rowe & Natasha Gregory

Concept: ‘Z’ is the result of a campaign to encourage children to speak out about upsetting encounters online. The concept comprises a portable ‘light’ box and communication device that can change colour dependent on the user’s mood and acts as a virtual friend that will listen to the users concerns or provide access to support from friends, family or Childline itself.

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Brief: Final Major Project
Client: N/A | Media: Branding, print and digital media
Outcome: Brand identity, app, packaging

 An awareness campaign that convinces and educates millennials to change their thinking and behavior towards meat to help the environment. The ‘No Animals’ brand of lab-grown meat substitutes, helps highlights the environmental impact and dangers of eating conventional meat. The concept uses a bold typographic statement in the burger bap as the message the campaign. The bright earthy colour tones add an eco-friendly, contemporary feel intended to connect with an environmentally conscious consumer.


Brief: Magazine Cover and Spread
Client: N/A
Media: Print
Outcome: Art direction, magazine cover and double page spread

Legendary ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin is the inspiration for this article that forms a cover and double page spread. The typographical treatment of the words headline ‘Queen of Soul’ clever observes and uses the ‘S’ of ‘Soul’ to create the word ‘of’ without actually writing it. While the microphone on the pillow symbolizes her crown.

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Brief: Creative Communication |
Client: Google & HMCT (D&AD New Blood entry) | Media: Print |
Outcome: Art direction, magazine cover and double page spread

Designers: Chaliq Muirhead & Georgia Murray

Concept: Typographically led campaign entitled ‘I Am Champion’, is inspired the lyrics of singer American singer Carrie Underwood and designed to empower girls and reject female stereotyping through powerful messaging. The campaign uses inspiring language combined with agender neutral colour scheme that is intended to combat the pink which has traditionally been associated with females and create a level of toughness to support the communications.


Brief: Create an identity for the new Charles Wells Brewery
Client: Charles Wells Brewery
Media: Print
Outcome: Brand identity, branding of new beers and merchandise

Concept: The brewery for Bedford is an inviting, welcoming and social experience for family and friends to enjoy. The name “Brewpoint” and logo mark has a strong statement that landmarks its location by emphasizing the importance of the area as the number one place to go to by putting it on top of the map. The logo mark was inspired by nautical point divider which was used in the navy. It has a strong connection behind the Charles Wells history, story and heritage.

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