Harry Osmond

I’m Harry Osmond and I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, getting to grips with practices such as branding, print, illustration and photography. I’ve improved my skills during my studies and come to love what I do, striving to create engaging work that is not only concept driven but functional too.



Brief: Creative Communication

 | Client: LEVC London EC Co. | Media: Branding, print & merchandise | Outcome: Brand identity, packaging and functionality

Designers: Harry Osmond & Bethany Riddell-Whitlock

Concept: Response to YCN brief for LEVC to re-purpose 24,000 diesel black cabs that are being removed from the streets of London. The concept involves the creation of a unique must-visit London destination in London consisting of 150 cabs that have been converted into market stalls.


Brief: Book cover design
Client: Penguin Media:
Media: Print
Outcome: Book cover design

Concept: Response to a brief to create a book jacket design for The Night Manager a novel by John le Carré, detailing an undercover operation to bring down a major international arms dealer. The concept is based upon the hidden truths in the novel, symbolized by the night manager’s torch shining a light on the arms trade. The Imagery echoes, traditional espionage vernacular depicting the gun as a torch.


Brief: Creative Communication
 | Client: Studio Koto | Media: Branding, print & merchandise
 | Outcome: Brand Identity, posters, stencils, solution & functionality

Concept: Identity and promotional campaign for a new brand that encourages urban teenagers to exercise more through urban street art communications that show that many sports can be played anywhere with little or ‘Make Do equipment’ if you have the inclination and little ingenuity.


Brief: Final Major Project

Client: N/A
Media: Branding, print, digital and social media
Outcome: Brand identity, website, posters

Concept: Final Major Project tackling the issue of lazy cash-grab film remakes by parodying the film posters of some of the most high-profile offenders through a campaign entitled ‘Rem’ache’ a play on words emphasizing the ‘pain’ that true movie lovers experience when watching these films.


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