Matthew Porter

Hi I’m Matthew Porter a graphic designer adept in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I have experience working alone and as part of a team as well as with presenting ideas and outcomes to clients. I can also develop work in detail over a long period of time as well as completing quick turnaround projects. I enjoy branding & advertising and would like to progress my career in one of these areas.


Brief: Book cover design
Client: Penguin Media:
Media: Print
Outcome: Book cover design

Concept: Response to a brief to create a book jacket design for Goodnight Mister Tom a children's novel by the English author Michelle Magorian which follows the relationship of a London evacuee during WW2 housed by a disgruntled old man. The concept cleverly uses an imaginative and original idea to link both the start and end of the story to the front and back cover. The reader won’t initially realise this until they begin to read the book and find the text which talks about a pencil scribble and hook which symbolises the relationship which is forged between the two main protagonists.


Brief: Cover

 | Client: British Journal of Photography | Media: Print
 | Outcome: Magazine cover and layout, photography, copywriting

Concept: A visit to a historic location in Britain, St Pancras International Station, helped forge an imaginative magazine layout in the style of the British Journal of Photography. The design uses the copywriting and photographic skills of the designer to add context to the editorial as well as visual aesthetic to the layout.


Brief: Creative Communication
 | Client: Childline | Media: Branding, digital, printed media & merchandising
 | Outcome: Brand identity, app, electronic wristband and t-shirts

Designers: Matthew Porter & Emma Marriott 

Concept: ‘Moodbreaker’ is the result of a campaign for Childline that encourages young children to deal with upsetting online encounters using technology built into a wrist band that identifies the wearers mood linked to an app that allows them to confront and destroy the upset they encounter in a fun way or discuss their experience with a friend, parent or a Childline counsellor.


Brief: Final Major Project

Client: The Kennel Club
Media: Brand identity, website design, shop signage, classified ads
Outcome: Brand identity, website, posters

Concept: A playful approach was taken to raise awareness of the role working dogs play in our lives. This was achieved by creating a spoof job agency, which initially tricks humans into thinking that a job is available to them by covering a wide spectrum of jobs that equally apply to dogs by using subtle hints and references, then revealing the positions are actually only available to our four legged friends.


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