Natasha Gregory


Natasha Gregory is a graphic design student who is fond of illustration, photography and abstract creations. Enjoying a variety of aspects within design from print to digital media and branding, she is open to new experiences to learn and enhance her skills to produce high-quality work.

Brief: Typographically led communication | Client: Yula | Media: Print and digital media
 | Outcome: Posters and social media communications

Designers: Natasha Gregory & Ryan Richardson

Concept: Response to a type-led campaign that makes YULA the go-to Natural Energy Drink. The concept encourages engagement through customer participation in the form of a competition that uses Instagram followers ‘feelings’ as campaign material. Colourful, ‘Amazonian’ inspired plant-life helps illustrate the message of natural positivity to the audience.

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Brief: Book cover design
Client: Penguin Media:
Media: Print
Outcome: Book cover design

Concept: Response to a brief to create a book jacket design for The Night Manager by John le Carré, a novel detailing an undercover operation to bring down a major international arms dealer. The concept illustrates a notable point in the text where the main character first discovers illegal activity from the exchange and photocopying of suspicious documents. The envelope design mimics the protagonists experience to the audience with its handwritten typeface and stamp of the authors name which gives it more authenticity. Lines of cocaine add a dramatic element to the cover without revealing the plot.


Brief: Final Major Project
 | Client: N/A
 | Media: Branding, print, digital media
Outcome: Posters, social media communications, collection device

Concept: Final Major Project that tackles the problem of excessive waste at times of celebration. ‘Happy Returns’ attempts to address the issue in a unique way by encouraging the ‘return’ of celebratory waste at branded collection points. Here the items are collected before being recycled and turned into new gift packaging to complete the celebration cycle in a more responsible and sustainable way.

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