I am a self-taught multidisciplinary designer who has a passion for branding, digital media and eating sushi. I am an open minded, fast learning innovator who’s always exploring new things. During my 3 years at Bedford, I had won a YCN Student Award, was offered an internship at Williams Murray Hamm in London and received mentoring from Bonfire’s creative director Stephen Judge. I aspire to inspire and want to leave my mark on the world through ideas and visuals.

1. Estimate

Brief: Develop a social media campaign for Energy Saving Trust that will engage 18-24 year olds to reduce energy consumption and positively impact climate change
Client: Energy Saving Trust
Media: Digital media, mobile app, print, direct mail
Solution: Estimate is a mobile app designed to improve the lifestyle and ecosystem of British households. The app connects to your Smart Meter at home to visually represent the data and educate the occupants in a playful and interactive way through the use of Virtual Pets and games.
By gamifying the energy saving process, Estimate aims to create long lasting habits to reduce energy consumption in households by rewarding good energy usage practices while educating users to be more proactive at home. This friendlier and modern approach makes energy saving easier to understand.

2. Metropolitan – Wells & Co.

Media: Branding, signage, print, social media
Brief: esign a suite of branding assets for one of the trading groups within the Wells & Co. pub offer
Solution / Concept: One of the three trade groups aim to appeal towards a consumer group with higher affluence. To achieve this, I created sleek and minimal branding to convey luxury and class. The combination of colour and type creates a modern identity that exudes elegance, differentiating this sector from the other two without breaking its connection back to Wells & Co. by utilising the triangular pattern.

3. Dishoom

Media: Digital media, advertising, app design, print, posters, product design
Brief: Design a loyalty scheme to encourage and reward repeat customers
Solution / Concept: Milestones is a point-based loyalty scheme with a tier reward system. Switching to a digital system, customers are able to accumulate and exchange points for special offers at various Dishoom restaurants across the country when dining.
Customers will receive a unique customisable key fob upon registration which has a gemstone embedded in it, acting as a physical identifier of their loyalty to Dishoom. This key fob acts as a creative and culturally significant replacement for a loyalty card. Customers can switch between five different gemstones after reaching specific milestones within the loyalty scheme.
A significant donation will be made to help support gemstone miners working in poor conditions in India and various other Eastern countries whenever a customer reaches a milestone.

4. OSU

Client: We Can Creative

Branding, print, packaging, apparel
Brief: To create a set of event collateral for Robert Doisneau’s photography exhibition.
Solution / Concept: The use of simple geometric forms creates a timeless and organic image, which reflect the sustainable, eco-friendly restaurant that values fresh ingredients. The minimalistic approach also allows more focus on the product than the visuals, putting more emphasis on the fresh ingredients and quality food.

5. The Whole Truth

Client: Williams Murray Hamm
Media: Digital media, posters, advertising, interactive media
Brief: Develop a campaign that tackles the issues around hunger in schools by inspiring a call to action that will lead to long lasting change
Solution / Concept: The Whole Truth is an awareness campaign that aims to reform government policy.
The name is a play on the words ‘whole’ and ‘hole’, which refer to the holes within the government budget, the metaphorical holes in children’s stomachs that convey hunger, and how the public deserves to know the whole truth about how the government is tackling the situation.