Becki Penwright

Becki Penwright



I am an expressive and positive graphic designer that can now work confidently within several Adobe software programmes. I enjoy using a wide range of mixed media as it allows me to experiment with many concepts and ideas. Recently, I have also won and been commended, after entering in a collaborative project to a YCN competition. Over my years at college, I have had experience creating advertising, editorial, packaging, ambient and digital media.
I am now leaving Bedford College to pursue other creative avenues.


1. Artisan

Brief: Create an outstanding campaign to drive online sales of Artisan Drinks.
Client: Artisan Drinks
Media: Digital Media
Solution: We found that people aren’t aware of which mixers work best with their drinks, so we’re created a campaign that combines matchmaking with mixology. Its dating but for drinks. My partner Grace Slade and I were commended for our project within the YCN student awards 20/21.


2. ActionAid

Brief: Develop a communication strategy using digital manipulation techniques, within Photoshop.
Client: ActionAid
Media: Print
Solution: A poster that portrays women’s sanitary products being replaced with rolls of money to represent period poverty. This alerts the audience that these products are necessities, yet we are still made to pay for them. The fact displays that 1 in 10 girls can’t even afford them and they suffer massively. ActionAid wants the audience to text them and donate £3 to help eliminate period poverty worldwide.

3. British Army

Brief: Develop a conceptual design initiated by language.
Client: British Army
Media: Ambient Media
Solution: A diverse, plastic soldier pack to educate the audience that the British Army welcomes everyone, no matter what sexuality, race, or gender. A range of vibrant colours to represent the pride flag.



4. Liberty Wines

Brief: Develop a label and look which is typographically driven.
Client: Liberty Wines
Media: Packaging
Solution: A typographic led bottle packaging to represent the new ‘Pianist’ Chardonnay. Elegant typefaces combined with minimal imagery that portrays a line of flute glasses to resemble a piano.

4. Marie Claire

Brief: Implement an art direction strategy, through the creation of editorial layouts.
Client: Marie Claire
Media: Print
Solution: A fun and vivid layout that represents the context of the chosen article. Using pantone colours and imagery to create an engaging double page spread. The front page uses intriguing feminine imagery to draw in the reader’s eye.


4. STA

Brief: Bring STAs travel brand and ethos to life through a campaign that engages students and Gen Z.
Client: STA Travel
Media: Experiential Media
Solution: A collaborative project that uses a variety of experiential and immersive media. Digital flooring that leaves footprints behind when someone walks on top of it. The scenery changes during the day to portray different adventures that STA has to offer. They can also see the adventure by looking through the virtual reality binoculars that enables the audience to see extraordinary experiences in real time.