Cameron Dunn

Cameron Dunn


1. Feel the music

Brief: Self-initiated task, to create album art that supports viewing for the visually impaired music fans and spread awareness of the challenges they face.
Client: Feel the Music
Media: Branding, app design, product design, brand model
Solution: Touch sensitive processes such as embossing, debossing and Braille alongside Audio Description, were used to help enhance the experience and bring out the meaning and beauty for the visually impaired. These processes were devised to be used across multiple artworks to convey meaning within the artwork or lyrics.

2. Closer to home

Brief: Create an insightful campaign that encourages anyone who could be at risk of losing their home to seek help from Central Bedfordshire Council before it is too late.
Client: Central Bedfordshire Council
Media: Print
Solution: Posters feature a series of perilous situations helping to illustrate the imminent danger of losing your home – literally hanging by a thread.

3. Wells & Co.

Brief: Create a set of branding tools and styling for a pub brand
Client: Wells & Co
Media: Branding, web, signage, social media.
Solution: I created an art deco influenced design to reflect the elegance and charm of a by-gone era whilst combining modern and contemporary styling, appealing to a new affluent audience.

4. The uninhabitable earth book cover

Brief: Create a striking cover design that is well executed, has an imaginative concept and clearly places the book for it market.
Client: Penguin
Media: Print
Solution: Polar ice caps melting were used to convey the central theme of the book, The Uninhabitable Earth. Using this metaphor to illustrate the dire situation humanity faces.