Charlie Hisop

Charlie Hisop



I am a passionate designer with big ambitions who cannot wait to move into the real creative world. Over the last five years studying I have developed a wide range of skills & techniques on the adobe suite including; InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I am confident and have a meticulous eye for detail. Presenting work to the likes of Williams Murray Hamm has provided me with great experience and an eagerness to push myself and become successful in this field.

1. Wells&Co.

Brief: Design a suite of branding assets for one of the three trading groups that constitute the Wells&Co. pub offer.
Client: Wells&Co.
Media: Branding, signage, print, social media
Solution: Modern identity for a pub in the community sector inspired by the busy atmosphere and language found in pubs. Providing visual contrast and brand personality across all creative communications.

2. Jpan

Brief: Brand identity for an upcoming Japanese fast food restaurant with a western influence.
Client: We Can Creative
Media: Branding, packaging, signage
Solution: Identity inspired by Japanese Sumi-e ink painting techniques combined with bold colours and minimalist layout to create a contemporary design look and feel for the new brand ‘Jpan’.

3. Shake n escape

Brief: Bring to life STA Travel’s brand ethos ‘start the adventure’ to engage with students and generation Z.
Client: STA Travel
Media: Digital media, print, app, social media
Solution: Creation of playful ‘Who, What, Where’ randomised dice that can be shaken and rolled to determine the start of an adventure anywhere in the world. You could end up skydiving with your granny in Australia or quad biking with your best mate through the Indonesian rice fields. It is the adventure of the unknown. ‘Shake n escape’ with STA Travel.

4. Fill the bowl

Brief: Briefed by Williams Murray Hamm to create a campaign to raise awareness of children ‘Going to school hungry’
Client: Williams Murray Hamm & Magic Breakfast Foundation
Media: Social media, digital, print
Solution: Hard-hitting campaign inspired by Victorian depravation that can still be seen today in poor levels of concentration and rickets, associated with malnutrition. The contrast between past and present is reflected in the black and white photography, and the colour of the cereal bowl helps highlight the campaign title and the central message ‘fill the bowl’.

5. Central Beds Council

Brief: Develop a campaign for Central Beds Council that encourages anyone who could be at risk of homelessness to seek help before they lose their home.’
Client: Central Beds Council
Media: Print
Solution: A set of posters influenced by what are commonly regarded as the 5 stages of grief to help those affected to recognise where they are in the sequence to help determine what if any help they require and where to go to access it.

6. Premier League

Brief: Create a hard-hitting campaign tackling online abuse and trolling of footballers for social media companies to take action.
Client: Premier League
Media: Branding, Social Campaign, Digital, Print
Solution: Creation of a brand identity for ‘UGLY’, a social campaign to counter online abuse of footballers, supported by a number of communication materials to help raise awareness of the issue. Assets include posters depicting dejected stars, stickers, matchday programmes, hoardings and a ‘football’ showing the ugly side of the beautiful game covered in abuse instead of signatures normally associated with the ‘not so beautiful game’.