Ellen Stultiens

Ellen Stultiens



I will be continuing my studies next year on the HND Art Practice course. My work is often personal and encompasses human life experience by expressing emotion through visual means and externalising the complexities and deep-rooted impressions that lie within.

1. The Rope That Binds Us

Brief: To develop dialogues between drawing and sculpture, i.e., to produce a piece of flat sculpture.
Solution: This is a conceptual sculpture that exhibits a dialogue between rope and plaster casts which reflect relationships found in nature and human life. The binding material is an agent for the circumstances one finds themselves in that might affect, manipulate or restrict them, physically and mentally. The bound objects suspended within the space frame have been cast from fruit and vegetables, representative of human organs.

2. Portrait of My Mother

Brief: o develop a digital artwork for the exhibition: Is there a digital sublime?
Solution: This is a digital work that visualises internal feeling and challenges the reality of medical imagery. The photograph features a collection of my mother’s treasured objects, conceiving layers of human experience and personality.

3. Body Language

Brief: The Unique Print
Solution: With this work, I wanted an atmospheric image created using abstract, gestural means. I used my hands, feet, fingernails, and toenails to create poetic impressions, with the rhythmic, gestural impact from my body the driving force, and marks made in response to movement rather than thought. The final effect is reminiscent of cave art, with its smoky hues and alluring mystery. The colour red relates to women’s bodies and blood: although organic themes are mostly subconscious, they are related, making the title doubly suitable.