Francesca Gagni

Francesca Gagni



I will return for the second year of the part time HND Art Practice, which I am completing for career opportunities. Artistically speaking, my preferred subject matter is life drawing. In my work, I seek to express the dynamism of life.

1. Entropic Illusions

Brief: Authenticity
Aim: To develop dialogues between drawing and sculpture, i.e., to produce a piece of flat sculpture.
Solution: A set of photos that situate floating digital heads in a graveyard setting. Entropy remains a powerful metaphor as it can both engage with and transcend tragedy. The uncanny presence of the digital portraits act as a sublime counterfoil to nature.

2. Connessioni

Brief: Limited-edition conceptual work
Aim: To develop a limited-edition artwork with a conceptual point of departure
Solution: The work evolves through a combination and synthesis of Nature and Geometry, and specifically utilizes both the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Section. The maquettes are models for installations, where the viewer would be able to fully immerse themselves in contemplation of the deeper connections that are held up inside the fabric of pattern. The vision of this work could also lend itself to outdoor spaces as weather resistant relief sculpture.