Grace Slade

Grace Slade



Over the past two years at Bedford College, across both HNC and HND years, I have undertaken several activities that have supported my personal and professional career development. With each project I find myself evolving as a designer and expanding my skills. This year I won a YCN Award for my work with Artisan Drinks. I am currently freelancing part time whilst I study, however in the future I would like to take on graphic design full time in a more permanent role at an agency or company, after completing my Bachelor’s Degree next year.

1. Anglian Water

Brief: Develop a communication strategy using digital manipulation techniques within Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
Client: Anglian Water
Media: Print
Solution: Using a plastic bag manipulated into a water droplet to show that Anglian Water take their environmental responsibilities seriously.

2. YCN Student Awards 2021

Brief: Create an outstanding campaign to drive online sales
Client: Artisan Drinks
Media: Digital
Solution: We found that people aren’t aware of which mixers work best with their drinks, so we’ve created a campaign that combines matchmaking with mixology. It’s dating… but for drinks. My partner, Becki Penwright, and I were commended as part of the YCN Student Awards 2021.

3. Bailey Exposed

Brief: Design a loyalty scheme to encourage and reward repeat customers
Client: The Photographer’s Gallery
Media: Print
Solution: A catalogue design that combines contrasting monochromatic tones with elegance and sophistication to reflect the work and style of the British photographer and director David Bailey.


4. Handbook

Brief: Create a mixed media handbook cover design displaying themes of diversity and unity
Client: Bedford College Group
Media: Print
Solution: A vibrant cover design that incorporates the Bedford College colour scheme using a variety of media and textures. The design was selected for the 2021-2022 college handbook.

4. Logo & Style Guide

Brief: Develop a style guide and promotional materials for Pinault Collection
Client: Bourse de Commerce
Media: Branding, Digital, Print
Solution: Inspired by the original architect sketches, a simplified, modern, logo was created and applied across various promotional items and branding.