Grace White

Grace White

BA Graphics

1. Closer to home

Brief: Create an insightful campaign that encourages anyone who could be at risk of losing their home to seek help from Central Bedfordshire Council before it is too late.
Client: Central Bedfordshire Council
Media: Print
Solution: Me and my colleague created a series of posters showing a series of perilous situations helping to illustrate the imminent danger of losing your home – literally hanging by a thread.

2. Dishoom

Brief: Design a loyalty scheme to encourage and reward repeat customers
Media: Digital media, advertising, app design, print, posters, product design
Solution: Me and my colleagues creates visited the chain to get a personal experience and what the company needed is: Milestones, a point-based loyalty scheme with a tier reward system. Switching to a digital system, customers are able to accumulate and exchange points for special offers at various Dishoom restaurants across the country when dining.
Customers will receive a unique customisable key fob upon registration which has a gemstone embedded in it, acting as a physical identifier of their loyalty to Dishoom. This key fob acts as a creative and culturally significant replacement for a loyalty card. Customers can switch between five different gemstones after reaching specific milestones within the loyalty scheme. This suits all types of audiences including ages from 16 upwards.
A significant donation will be made to help support gemstone miners working in poor conditions in India and various other Eastern countries whenever a customer reaches a milestone.

3. Hepti Campaign

Brief: To provide a solution to the problem of kids going to school hungry and to promote awareness of the problem.
Client: Williams Murray Hamm
Media: Branding
Solution:  Kids are very susceptible to people’s opinions when it comes to school meals. The majority of adults don’t know just as little as 20p can buy a child a breakfast, enough to give them the healthiest start to their day and push them to a greater future. Using the 20p coin as a oyster to build upon and show the scale of how much it can do for a child.

4. The uninhabitable earth book cover

Brief: Design a book cover for the non-fiction book: The uninhabitable earth by David Wallace-Wells
Client: Penguin Books
Media: Product design/Editorial
Solution: The common theme throughout the book was the fact that all life forms on earth are dying, which is the unfortunate consequence of global warming,  so I wanted to show this in an impactful and meaningful way which I showed in the form of a dying sunflower. At first glance the cover seems like a sunflower but on closer inspection it shows the darkness and loneliness of this one dying flower. This particular flower shows the uncertainty of humanity and the brightest flower, representing the earth is fading.

5. Intrusive campaign

Brief: To educate everyone of the normality of having everyday intrusive thoughts and the scale of the impact they can vary from.
Client: Mind Charity Organisation
Media: Branding, Mental health
Solution: Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that get stuck in your mind without warning, urges of inappropriate things that can be disturbing or distressing that are linked not only to mental health but the way humans function. With numerous people unaware of those thoughts and where they come from, they need to become aware of the concept and eliminate people’s concerns as some people can feel alone. To achieve this I create a campaign linking to the Mind organisation. I created a spectrum/ scale of intrusive thoughts from funny to concerning on a range of posters using examples of images and thought bubbles, to show the severity of what they can be. This diverts them to the Mind website where the audience can take a survey to see where they are on the scale and get people help, faster. There are extra components such as: Leaflets and package.