Jadia Thomas-Maccarney

Jadia Thomas-Maccarney



This exhibition is showcasing my love and interest in Gaming, Animation, Concept Art and Character Creation; I would like to take these skills I am honing to form a career.
My final project and projects throughout the year have mainly had a focus on animation and character design. I have gained more skills and competencies in these areas which I will take forward when working. Previous projects I have done entails things such as 3D modelling, animation and character designing and concepting. This year I learned how to rig and animate a 3D model and create mixed media animation thus furthering my skills.
Some of my inspirations are RIKA (@bwusagi), Yoshihiro Togashi, Tetsuya Nomura, Akihiko Yoshida and WOOMA (@tomapocpo) to name a few.

1.  Film – Hesitance

2. Film – Bitter Water