Jamie Hollis

Jamie Hollis



I am a mature student aged 29. Having loved graffiti art since my teens, I have worked on many professional graffiti projects and helped to organise Northampton’s first graffiti festival ‘Wall Games’. This has led me to entering the exciting world of graphic design. I enjoy incorporating urban and graffiti elements into my work however I am diverse and enjoy coming up with out of the box ideas.

1. Bedford College

Brief: Create a cover for the 2021/2021 Bedford College Handbook, aimed at people aged 16-25 & mature students. Work along the themes of achievement & knowledge. Experiment with a range of techniques and processes.
Client: Bedford College
Media: Handbook cover, multi-media (Paint/Canvas/Photography/Photoshop/Illustration)
Solution: The handbook covers show an owl which represents wisdom/knowledge and a butterfly which represents growth/achievement. The animals are flying despite the stone texture inside, representing how nothing can hold you down. Both backgrounds are made using canvas, spray paint and photoshop techniques. The spray paint element represents youth.

2. Herowear

Brief: Create a virtual clothing brand
Client: Herowear
Media: Logo design, App design, Branding
Solution: Herowear is a virtual clothing brand aimed at people aged 16-35 who are into cosplay (dressing as fictional characters from comics, games etc). The brand values are escapism, unconventionality and fun. The logo is designed to communicate a super hero feel, while the app is designed to feel like you are selecting a character as you would in a computer game.