Kelly Bampton

Kelly Bampton



I’ve grown up in the town of Kempston throughout my whole life and I am currently studying graphic design at Bedford college, HNC level. This is my first year studying graphic design and I have noticed a tremendous improvement since beginning the course.
I’m somebody who appreciates conveying work that is beguiling, enthusiastic and delightfully crafted. I always aim to have an effect to a client or person and provoke serotonin. I always want to see someone smile. I am extremely passionate about the course and the subject itself, art, and design. In my spare time I create art pieces which, I have sold successfully. My art style is unique as I combine objects and images which have either no relation to each other or contrast each other making them look out of the ordinary.
My personality and attributes is being outspoken, friendly, childlike as I love anything related towards Funko pop, dedicated in achieving my personal life goals, having a light-hearted sense of humour and being enthusiastic and approachable. I love making new friends and meeting new people so I always want to be that person that anybody can talk to and relate to.
My hobbies and interests also tend to inspire and influence my creativity such as books, anime, television series, creating art, travelling, and making memories with either family or friends.

1. Magnum

Brief: What do you see
Client: Bedford College
Media: Communication, Digital media
Solution: Two new flavours for magnum ice cream have been illustrated through devil/angelic images. In the devil image ice cream cones have conveyed as devil horns and the lemon has been conveyed as a halo in the angel image. As the devil image is captivating the flavour, I have chosen is chocolate and chilli that is bold and extravagant. As the angel is pleasing and light the flavour for thgis ice cream is lemon sorbet.I have created two designs that convey the flavours of the ice cream