Maddy Amies

Maddy Amies



Over the last year I have developed my artistic abilities on the HNC course and I intend on continuing arts practice whilst in full time employment.

1. Mushroom Metamorphosis

Brief: Material Dialogues
Aim: To develop dialogues between drawing and sculpture, i.e., to produce a piece of flat sculpture.
Solution: The concept of this sculpture exposes the indefinite relationship between ‘man-made’ and the natural world. It aims to encourage closer inspection, as from afar it may be perceived as an ordinary form of nature. Two-dimensional man-made materials combined with three-dimensional organic materials establish a reconstructed and abnormal version of what was originally there.

2. Ignorance is Strength

Brief: Authenticity
Aim: To develop a digital artwork for the exhibition: Is there a digital sublime?
Solution: This image aims to capture the bleak atmosphere that overwhelmed many during the COVID19 lockdown and is a digital representation of our reliance on technology to obtain information that is fed to us by suspect sources.

3. Material Landscape

Brief: The Unique Print
Aim: To develop a unique print from a limited range of techniques. Print as a drawing
Solution: This series of prints aims to create a landscape evocative of nature using a collection of found materials like wallpapers and strings.