Marco Carofalo

Marco Carofalo



After completing my HND I will be progressing onto London Met University to complete BA Hons Fine Art Top-Up Degree.
As a printmaker, my core activity documents the connection in materials, techniques, and processes, which all surface in my work. I am fascinated by this alchemy and like to map the process and relationships between successive prints and tend to use the same matrixes to push their tolerance.

1. Ariel Cast

Brief: Material Dialogues
Aim: To develop dialogues between drawing and sculpture, i.e., to produce a piece of flat sculpture.
Solution: A continuing body of work that engages the surface history of discarded materials.

2. Inside / Outside

Brief: Authenticity
Aim: To develop a digital artwork for the exhibition: Is there a digital sublime?
Solution: Set on the backdrop of lockdown, my work flips the traditional notion of the sublime from a large profound mass to something small, intimate, and compact. I interpret my studio space as my landscape of refuge, merging the outside and inside.

3. Eighty-Nine Folds

Brief: Limited-edition conceptual work
Aim: To develop a limited-edition artwork with a conceptual point of departure
Solution: Using the roll of dice to co-ordinate the work, the process of folding the same plate is recorded through the law of chance. The number of folds, unfolds, the addition of colour; each event intrinsically connecting and influencing the next.

4. Who is the Swan?

Brief: Re-Configuration
Aim: To re-configure a selected work from the National Gallery, developing characters and composition to contemporize a motif.
Solution: A diptych to display the imagery by removing the character of the swan, using an abstract language to shift the narrative. The swan becomes ambiguous, combined with the title to start a conversation around women’s rights.