Paulina Odribonski

Paulina Odribonski

BA Photography

1. Artist Statement

Portraiture is one of my passions, or rather working with people is one of my passions! Being a photographer with a lifelong sugar addiction, I have been challenged with research that has convinced me that this is an addiction I can’t afford to maintain. I had many false beliefs about sugar, and it was this that I wanted to explore through this series of images. My motivation for this project is a combination of my disgust in the food industry and a desire to educate. If this series of reactions to my statements and questions causes my audience to re-evaluate their attitudes to sugar and theimpact on their own health, I will have succeeded.

To further reinforce my message, I have prepared a small picture book supplemented with a poem illustrating various ways that sugar is toxic. Education is the only way to fight back against this invisible and invasive enemy, but I wanted to present my work in a light-hearted way. The intention is to share my journey in the hope that it will provoke discussion.

By using monochrome for the display, I have created a platform to emphasise the expressions, the only real point to each image. In contrast the book is in full colour which is both engaging overall and beautiful in places.
Sally Jane Winfield