Penny Crawford

Penny Crawford



I am a creative who has always been a hands-on type of person, who is better at ‘doing’ rather than ‘thinking’. Graphic design has allowed me to freely experience the art and design industry whilst still being able to enjoy the work that I create and produce. I have gained a better ability in using Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign during my time at Bedford College, which I know will help me when I want to get a job within the industry later in life


1. Editorial Magazine DPS and Cover

Brief: Design a magazine cover and double page spread, that relate to an article of our choice.
Client: Wallpaper Magazine
Media: Print
Solution: A magazine cover and double page spread, that relates back to an article about a narrow house that used to be a hat business, located in London


2. TFL

Brief: To create a poster design for Transport for London
Client: Transport for London
Media: Print, Billboard
Solution: A poster in the style of existing Transport for London advertising materials, instead using a photograph of an LED bulb (incorporating the TFL logo on the bottom) to explain the upgrades of the lighting that are occurring in the train stations throughout the tube network.

3. Vegan Dog Food

Brief: The Vegan Pet food project was set by Steve Oakley from ‘Eat with your eyes’, it asked us to create and design a new brand of vegan dog food.
Client: Eat with your eyes
Media: Packaging
Solution: A selection of sachets of dog food that have simple line drawings of vegetables and plants on the front, as if they were growing out of the ground, with a dog’s snout, sniffing at the plants and vegetables. The background colour and image of the dog changes across each packet of food according to the flavour, this is the same with the vegetables, to show what is inside of the packet.



4. Wine Bottle

Brief: Using a word of our choosing, design a wine bottle label and any supporting material that relates to it.
Client: Liberty Wines
Media: Print, Packaging
Solution: A typographical wine bottle label which captures the physical characteristics of the the word ‘Monocle’ and the era that it represents.

4. YCN – Artisan Drinks

Brief: To create an outstanding digital campaign for the Artisan Drinks premium mixer range, be bold, be creative and be effective in driving new customers to the online store.
Client: YCN / Artisan Drinks
Media: Print, Digital Media, Ambient media
Solution: A stand-out campaign encouraging customers to ‘release their inner flamingo’. It would run alongside a stunt, using flamingo statues and supporting materials such as posters to create interest in Artisan Drinks. It consists of hiring an actor to dress in pink and deliver an artisan package to a customer, who’s house would then be painted pink to create theatre around the brand. Partner: Lauren Sullivan.