Sophia Antoniou

Sophia Antoniou


1. YCN

Brief: YCN Competitions – Create new POS for Pact Coffee
Client: Pact Coffee
Media: Interior Décor
Solution: This is a set of two posters created as disruptive POS artwork for coffee brand Pact Coffee. The posters represent the fair wages given by Pact to their farmers as they give 55% more back than Fairtrade. The first poster is Pacts point of view showing that they give back, accompanied with illustrations of the coffee process. The second poster is from the farmers point of view, showing that they receive 55% more, also accompanied by illustrations of how the coffee is farmed.


2. Bedford College

Brief: Design Bedford College handbook cover using mixed media
Client: Bedford College
Media: Print
Solution:This brief required two similar designs, one for the FE and HE handbooks with a theme of education and achievement. The first cover is for the FE students and the point of view is someone looking out of a window and what’s shown is the possibilities college can give you. The second cover is for HE students and it represents college “opening doors” for their future. The space theme represents the infinite imagination and possibilities of the students.