Will Stewart

Will Stewart



I have a passion for Graphic Design and especially Illustrations, in my free time I do freelance Graphics work and create illustrations to post on my Instagram.
Portfolio: https://indd.adobe.com/view/4a3be5a0-a4bc-419d-a5a3-12a3d557eeaa

1. Google

Brief: Explore Google’s brand migration possibilities
Client: Google
Media: Digital Advertising
Solution: The idea was to create a Google Hotel that would be the most innovative hotel in the world with the USP of being able to control everything in the room from your phone.

2. YCN

Brief: Create new point of sale for Pact Coffee
Client: Pact Coffee
Media: Interior Design
Solution: YCN competition brief for Pact Coffee which focuses on the fact that they give 55% more than Fairtrade. It shows both perspectives of the 55% more, the “GIVE” poster from Pacts point of view and then the “GET” poster that shows the farmers side and what they can gain to benefit. This series of posters also uses a full colour palette to bring the brand to life.