End of Year Show 21
Celebrate diversity, individuality, commitment, excellence and attainment, embodied in the talent on display in this End of Year Show 21, as our continuers and leavers showcase their creativity, skills, innovation and vision join us in celebrating their achievements, on this stage of their career journey.


Ideas are researched, explored and communicated through experimentation and application of a broad range of materials, techniques and processes across the different pathways - to develop understanding and present personal creative solutions to art and design briefs.


3D design generates creative responses in areas such as furniture, product, interior, ceramics, jewellery and spatial design, through exploring the properties of materials, in-depth research, design development, digital visualisation and producing sustainable industry ready design outcomes.


Animation brings life to visual communication and creative media, through the exploration of illustration, gesture, motion graphics, 3D modelling, VFX and gamification of ideas. Technical processes are paired with art and visual language, through research and contextual awareness.


Holding up a mirror to society, Fine Art seeks to invoke questions of the audience . The freedom to express oneself as sees fit involves students manipulating a broad range of mediums and techniques whilst demonstrating contextual and subject knowledge .


Graphic Design develops visual communication skills in branding, marketing, advertising and editorial contexts in a range of contemporary themes and subjects, through in-depth research, ideas generation and refinement, producing industry ready creative outcomes.


Fashion and Textiles explores market research, digital illustration processes, surface pattern, pattern cutting and techniques in garment production, through experimentation, design development and refinement, to present industry ready creative collections communicating personal themes.


Photography explores both the commercial and conceptual approaches to the discipline through a range of technical and creative skills, designed to refine and develop students’ existing talents and prepare them for work within the creative industries. test