Sophie Blackburn

Sophie Blackburn



I am a graphic designer with particular interest in creating whimsical and charming illustrations. I often incorporate nature and animals in my artwork, and keep the style very simple and bold. I’m hoping to partake in freelance work for clients over the Summer.


1. Virtual Clothing

Brief: Create a new ‘Virtual Clothing’ brand.
Client: Dimensions
Media: Branding, Digital Media
Solution: A simple app design made to help men and women discover their personal fashion sense. The app digitally dresses the client using their own uploaded photos, basing the outfits on the looks they are drawn to.


2. Bedford College

Brief: Create two mixed media illustrations for the front covers of student handbooks.

Bedford College
Media: Print
Solution: Colourful and whimsical designs depicting animals working together to accomplish their goal of creating a rocket. The playful idea illustrates what can be achieved with teamwork.